two new players have joined this segment... Previous options would be f-stop, lowe pro whistler series and the mindshift backlight (which now comes in 26l and 36l sizes). Here are the two new options:


Designed by Ian Miller (former f-stop designer).
Backed by a ton of good/well known landscape and adventure photogs.
It's a better f-stop option, fixes some of their on-going design issues (and promises to fix their supply issues).
different size bag options (2)
different size harness setups (same bag but harnesses move)
different size "core" units mix and match to make lots of options. They give you 2 smalls and 1 medium which combined to have what looks like a lot of space but then 1 small or 1 medium looks to be perfect for combining a camera with a weekends worth of kit.
They're on kickstarter:
lots of questions, because their damn kickstarter videos are so quick, but is it one MASSIVE hole that you put things in or is the top and back section 2 different sections? Or is there at least some sort of divider? That was one of my complaints with f-stop, it was a massive and things floated around. I use my bags for lots of different things and to be a nice travel bag it'd be great to have their small insert in and then have room for all my other stuff (clothes) in the rest w/o it floating around...

atlas packs
saw these at expo
these come in 2 bag sizes/styles/volumes and then those both come in sizes.
removable waist belt (AWESOME!) with these really neat side bags/pouches for carrying stuff (I've used thinktank skin pouches for this for years).
These packs go from very small/slim camera bags but can expand to hold a TON of gear (not just photo gear). The "thickness" goes from something like 4" if you go with the camera insert only but it goes out to 12" if you fully stuff it.
The other neat thing is the camera section can expand and contract to give you more or less camera room in trade for room for the regular stuff in the rest of the bag.

I've had an f-stop. Didn't love their fit and finish, especially for their price and shipping delays... But the idea was good. I've had the mindshift backlight and it's an awesome bag but can't carry skis... I have the lowe pro whistler now and it's been a very good camera bag. My issue with it is their insert is massive but can't hold a lot as it's over padded (for me). It also doesn't have much room for other stuff. The atlas falls into a similar issue there with tiny straps (but they have a lifetime guarantee so I could roll the dice and do it knowing it'll get fixed but it'd be a bummer the day it broke). But the atlas camera compartment and the way it expands in and out from the rest of the bag makes it a nice travel option for one bag with camera gear and clothes. The only issue there is it's top load only for the clothes which isn't ideal... And now shimoda.... Interesting looking bags. Ideally for me I'd love ONE backpack that can go between photo, skiing/hiking, and then maybe even double duty as a single bag to go away for a weekend with clothes and cameras? I've been using my patagonia MLC for this and then just putting a small camera bag inside it...