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Thread: DJI interchangeable lens camera

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    Default  DJI interchangeable lens camera  

    This looks interes.....expensive


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    It's apparently a full aps-c sensor that crops for super 35. Depending upon how the lenses work, I don't know, that could be cool. Yeah it's expensive but they are carbon fibre lenses. That can't be cheap to lay up. The no moving parts on the outside sounds interesting too. I wonder if it works like a view camera and just moves a solid lens stack in and out.

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    They've already had interchangeable with the previous zenmuse on the inspire, it was just APS-C. And yes, very much want but no way can I afford... My thing is you've got the mavic as the best small sensor option in terms of size -vs- quality. Then the phantom pro is the best size -vs- sensor size with it's 1" sensor but that platform is a PITA to transport. Then the inspire has massive sensor options (MFT and now APS-C?) but it also doesn't fold so it's even more of a hassle. What confuses me is why can't they make an inspire that collapses or dismantles a bit? It's just massive... If they made the inspire fold like the mavic I think they would sell a LOT more of them honestly because it could fold up to be smaller than the mavic.
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