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Thread: Yosemite for a night?

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    Default  Yosemite for a night?  

    I have to head back out to San Francisco for work again at the end of March. I'm thinking of going a weekend early and driving out to Yosemite for the weekend. Anyone have any advice on things to shoot?

    My aunt lives in Mariposa which is about an hour from the valley and I'd have from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon available. I'm trying to figure out if I can camp out in the park itself on Saturday night but all the online sites are already booked .

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    no idea on rules ETC but we drove from vegas through yosemite to SF in one day back when we went to MSU. It was "on the way" to school when I shot one of my senior projects. It was just a bunch of water and rocks and tall trees to be honest, but my feelings there have a lot to do with the fact I knew we had no time so we couldn't hike/explore and I'd seen everything road side before via other people's shots. I MUCH preferred redwood to be honest.
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