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Thread: A book reading assignment

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    Default  A book reading assignment  

    I typically learn best while watching videos of people doing things, i have never been very good at learning from reading, despite being an avid reader.

    I picked up off amazon-
    Picture Perfect Practice

    Im hooked, so far. First few chapters already have me looking at others and my own pictures seeing what he is talking about. In fact i liked this book so much i reccomended it to a friend of mine who is trying to become a better novice for her blog photography. I rarely recommend a almost $30 book to anyone.

    What other books should i pick up?
    I mainly focus on people, (i think you all know that by now..)
    I also have been trying out some of Scott Kelbys fun stuff in
    Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it

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    I've been reading this lately. Sort of a think less about gear and just shoot mentality.

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