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    Who saw THAT coming?

    From BorrowLenses site ...

    A ship launch gone awry is taking the internet by storm as footage of the enormous vessel plunging into the harbour shows dangerous debris flying right at the camera.
    Posted on You Tube by Jason Bundoff, the impressive video shows the ship tumbling sideways into the water breaking off its sliders and creating a titanic-sized wave that engulfs the camera.
    According to a Reddit user claiming to be Mr Bundoff's friend, the photographer shot the video while an intern at the shipyard and ...

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    Evolution Of The Classic: The New AF-S NIKKOR 50mm F/1.8G Lens

    MELVILLE, N.Y. (April 27, 2011) – Nikon Inc. today announced the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens, a fast, compact lens that affords photographers the versatility of the classic 50mm focal length and the benefits of a fast aperture for photos and D-movies. Whether a new D-SLR enthusiast or a seasoned pro, users will appreciate the tack-sharp image quality, extreme low-light performance, shallow depth of field and Nikon core technologies that improve upon the original to make a great lens even better.

    The 50mm lens has been a staple for photographers since the 35mm film days, and this new lens enables Nikon customers that shoot photos and movies to discover the creative benefits of this traditional focal length,” said Lisa Osorio, general manager of marketing at Nikon Inc. “This f/1.8 prime lens offers exceptional image quality and control, and benefits from modern Nikon technologies to enhance performance such as the Silent Wave Motor and use of an aspheric lens - it’s a very attractive package for any shooting discipline.”

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    OK, we have 5 Nik software licenses to give away so I figured what better way than to do a:
    Cinco de Mayo challenge!!!!

    This challenge will last the month of May. There will be five prizes, one for the best in each category, and one for best overall participant. The categories are:
    • Portraits
    • Scapes
    • Action
    • Still Life
    • Overall (voted best overall with 4 submissions)

    • in order to win, you must submit a photo
    • winners of each section will be chose by

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    We're now officially sponsored and an affiliate with Nik Software.

    These are the guys that make the silver Efex a lot of us already love for B&W conversions as well as a bunch of other great software. Here's the deal, they're giving YOU guys 15% off any purchase you make with them. They're also sponsoring the forum by giving us FIVE FREE COPIES of their individual products. I'm going to be working these giveaways into some of our upcoming challenges. Go to the ...

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    OK, I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but I'm too excited and I got the "code" today, so I'm putting it up now. Mpix has stepped up to sponsor NSOP.

    Right now they're giving EVERYONE 15% off one print order using the following code:
    The discount code for everyone will be -

    so that's pretty sweet. They're also tracking the usage of that code, so make sure EVERYONE that's considering a print uses it so we can get MORE codes in ...

    Here's my list of things that need to be done with vB 4.0:
    • move the blog to /blog DONE!
    • move the forum to root DONE!
    • redirect /forum to root DONE!
    • finish tweaking the style Work in progress...
    • "remember me" issues coming with 4.0.1?
    • bold thread titles in search DONE!
    • report and forward icons dropped below box coming with 4.0.1?
    • "quick navigation" not so quick... coming with 4.0.1?
    • all posts created by user DONE!
    • read -vs- unread icons need more difference DONE!
    • posts to wrap

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