• Clint Davis' Handmade Promo Mailer

    They say that a huge chunk of being a professional photographer is marketing yourself...Clint Davis nails it.


    The guts of the mailer:
    -Pelican case with my logo painted on the back (rubber feet included)
    -20 5×7″ drilled lustre prints with 1 print detailing my contact info
    -Hand painted bullet shell by my friend and local artist Christina Ramsey
    -Custom foam cutout velcro’d in to precisely hold the prints, and hand painted shell
    -Hand scored paper wrap with signed personalized note to recipient
    -Snazzy business card

    Just awesome. Particularly the hand painted 70-200L bullet casings. I'll be really curious to hear about the feedback and/or customers he gains from this. Davis already has clients like Mercedes Benz, but you don't have to have that kind of clientele to market yourself like this. Perfect example of "dress for the job you want". And also goes to show that even successful photographers are still cold-calling for new clients.
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    1. jacobsen1's Avatar
      cool but I've seen better (less over the top/expensive, more impressive).
    1. frigidlight's Avatar
    1. Markitos's Avatar
      I personally find it kind of obnoxious and probably wouldn't hire someone who sent me that... FWIW... I know, I know, that's probably why I'm not in a position where I'm making those kinds of decisions... or shooting for Mercedes...
    1. frigidlight's Avatar
      I'm not so sold on the content itself...that seems kinda "in your face" and obnoxious, yeah. But the execution is what's so cool IMO. Also, I have a bit of a thing for packaging so that's probably why I appreciate this so much.
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