• Getty and AP Photo Agency Workflows in Sochi - Published Worldwide in 2-3 minutes!

    Some pretty mindblowing stuff here:


    The second a photographer fires the shutter on a camera, the resulting image—a high quality JPEG, not an uncompressed RAW file—is transported by ethernet to Getty's central editing office in about 1.5 seconds. There, a team of three editors processes the photo. The first selects the best image and crops it for composition; the second editor color corrects; and the third adds metadata. The whole editing process is done in 30-40 seconds. Once the last editor is done, the image is blasted to the world. It takes about 90 seconds for the images to travel over redundant 100 Mbit/s dedicated lines to Getty's data servers in the the United States.
    There's also a really interesting section on the amount of artistic interpretation allowed with each of the two major agencies. Getty does most of the "artistic" stuff like the composites, the tilt shift photos of the venues, and other more interpretive photos.

    I'd love a chance to hang out or even shoot at an event like this.
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    1. frigidlight's Avatar
      Another article from a guy not shooting for one of the big agencies:

    1. jacobsen1's Avatar
      ugh, I'd kill to shoot slopestyle or halfpipe or basically anything skiing or snowboarding, even alpine events or XC...
    1. thechickencow's Avatar
      Yeah, the to be a guy up in trees and such for the downhill would be fun.
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