• Canon annouces 70D

    Canon announced today the newest in its line of Crop sensor cameras.
    The camera spouts Canons Latest Focus feature with it newly developed Dual Pixe CMOS AF. This new technology of auto focus uses phase detection enabling people t shoot video at higher quality rates.

    The 70D also features wireless connectivity, and can be accessed through the EOS Remote App, available via Itunes and Google Play.

    The new camera is slated to be on sale in September, with a retail price of $1199 for the body, or bundled with that signature 18-55 kit lens for $1349, or with the 18-135 for $1549

    Of course with new body is new ACCESSORIES, shocking, i know! The newest battery grip (bg-e14) accepts two canon batteries, or six aa batteries and will run you around 270.

    Source- Canon Press Release

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    1. Drew84's Avatar
      This looks like what I've been waiting for to replace my ageing 50d.
    1. jacobsen1's Avatar
      looks great but only time will tell how good the sensor is and what they've done with the AA filter -vs- the 7D. 7D's just got real cheap though I bet...
    1. ModernMuseum's Avatar
      ufgh...why does Canon always seem to be ahead of the Nikon in the video arena
    1. Idjiit's Avatar
      Wow, the AF looks pretty epic for video/Live View shooting. C'mon Panasonic/Olympus, get Phase Detect on the sensor, stat.

    1. jacobsen1's Avatar
      more samples:

      looks promising!
    1. porschewrx's Avatar
      DXO Mark has tested the Canon 70D

      The highest rated APS-C sensor from Canon. That sounds great, until you see that it only scored 2 points more than the previous 18mp sensor found in countless Canon cameras. There are improvements in color depth, dynamic range and ISO performance. The sensor also has the highest pixel density in the aps-c lineup, so high detail rendering should be improved.

      Canonís new EOS 70D model features a new CMOS sensor that uses twin photodiodes at each pixel location that allows AF during video capture, but how does that affect stills output? Read on to find out how well the new sensor performs in our labs.

      Besides being this yearís update to the firmís range of mid range APS-C EOS DSLR model, Canonís EOS 70D brings unexpected yet welcome technological advances in the form of a proprietary 20.2 M-Pix Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor. Each pixel has twin photo diodes that can be read together for image capture or separately for fast focusing during movie capture. Sensor sensitivity doesnít appear to be adversely affected with the EOS 70D offering ISO settings up to 12,800, expandable to 25,600. In stills mode and continuous shooting up to 7fps.

      The EOS 70D adopts a viewfinder based AF system with 19- cross-type subject detection points. Other notable features include a 7.7cm (3-inch) articulated touch screen with a very high (1.04-Million dot) resolution and remote shooting and image transfer with built-in WiFi.

      Apart from the new autofocus system employed during movie capture, the EOS 70D can record full HD movies in 30, 25 and 24fps and 720p in 60 and 50fps using inter or intra frame H.264 (MOV) format. The camera is available now at $1,199 body only, or for $1,349, complete with the 18-55mm STM f/3.5-5.6 video oriented starter lens.
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