• How NOT to capture a boat launch

    A ship launch gone awry is taking the internet by storm as footage of the enormous vessel plunging into the harbour shows dangerous debris flying right at the camera.
    Posted on You Tube by Jason Bundoff, the impressive video shows the ship tumbling sideways into the water breaking off its sliders and creating a titanic-sized wave that engulfs the camera.
    According to a Reddit user claiming to be Mr Bundoff's friend, the photographer shot the video while an intern at the shipyard and survived the ordeal with scratches and bruises.

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    1. Markitos's Avatar
      Holy Crap!
    1. Glass Man's Avatar
    1. tbert's Avatar
    1. jacobsen1's Avatar
      I want to know what the purpose of that wood was? and yeah, !!!
    1. rkane's Avatar
      Yeah, saw that on the Today, or maybe the local morning show. My jaw dropped when they slow it down and the crap is flying at the camera.
    1. kensington's Avatar
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