• Rhinocam:

    not sure why NEX gets all the adapter love (and not MFT and or fuji AS WELL), but another month, another kick ass adapter for us NEX users. This is basically a shift adapter on crack for NEX guys:

    here's a sample (kinda):

    and 100% crops from the same:

    yeah, smokes the MF back and the 5Dii EASILY... Yes you have to stitch everything together in post, but if stitching works for your subject this is pretty rad. Mounts include mamiya, pentax and hasselblad. You basically shift your aps-c sensor around to get the coverage the 645 MF lenses cover natively. So whatever conversion factor you want to get 645 lenses into how your brain works will apply... The site seems to be down but here's where you can get them supposedly (for $500):

    from: http://www.petapixel.com/2013/03/06/...m-format-back/
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    1. jacobsen1's Avatar
      for you wide whores out there like me here's a 645 to 35mm (full frame) conversion chart:
      645 Lens 35mm Equivalent
      35mm 21mm
      45mm 28mm
      55mm 35mm
    1. MoLS's Avatar
      Cool idea! (but totally impractical for what I do)
    1. jacobsen1's Avatar
      looks like mamiya is the cheaper lens option by quite a bit:
    1. ppower's Avatar
      This idea is good and bad, but it really takes understanding who this is intended for. This only makes sense for people with MF lenses but wish there were a better digital back. Otherwise, why would I want to buy MF lenses to use the adapter? MF film users can suddenly get a cheap digital back, and why not offer it for Fuji and others? Their sensors from "older" cheap cameras just aren't as good. I bought my NEX-C3 for $225 that has the same basic sensor as my new 5r. Also, MFT would need even more stitching, so why plan on getting MFT 12mp over cheap, better/larger sensored solutions?

      For NEX users, it makes more sense to have a gigapan type mount that moves the entire NEX camera (with E-mount lens) in the necessary range to be MF or even 4x5 film or even crazy panoramas. The best things of this are that 1) they may be able to minimize unnecessary overlap in the photos so that you stitch as few as possible, and 2) it truly shifts keeping the focal plane the same and prevent distortion. I've done this several times for the Brenizer method to get that larger format shallow DOF, but for getting a large DOF, this is just a gigapan.

      edit: I just realized that the Gigapan EPIC 100 which would work for mirrorless cameras is $449 putting it $50 cheaper than this adapter and motorized. Sounds Epic. http://www.gigapan.com/cms/shop/epic-100
    1. jacobsen1's Avatar
      this is much smaller and lighter than a gigapan
      this will stitch much better than a gigapan output (that's why they want you using longer FLs but you still really need to be at the nodal point)
      the MF lenses needed are <$200 for the mamiya prime, so it's not all that expensive considering this is a LOT easier to carry/use

      but I do wonder why they wouldn't just make front and back mounts readily available and swappable. IE Rhinocam lens adapters and rhinocam camera adapters. Make the back in MFT, Fuji, Sony, Samsung and EOS M etc. Make the front in EOS, Nikkor, MF options etc. I know there are issues with some in terms of the lens sticking through the adapter, so skip those but why not allow MFT with more frames per larger images if we want? Why not allow EOS with fewer images in the circle? Part if this must be due to the fact they're calibrating the "stops" shot to shot for the right amount of overlap, and once you allow different lens sizes or different sensor sizes that all changes, but why not make one with mm markings on the back where the user learns how far to go and just goes with it? Hell, get rid of the optical portion (because that probably complicates making it universal a bit) and it'd be cheaper with more options potentially. IMHO skipping 35mm MF lens options is a bummer here because they're even cheaper and people are more likely to already have them. But yeah, you can't sift a ton with 35mm on APS-C, you'd at least want to be on MFT to use 35mm I'd guess.
    1. Idjiit's Avatar
      Craaaaazy. But cool.
    1. Andy's Avatar
      I guess it is just me but if I can't tilt as well as shift than this loses a big advantage for me. The things I would want to do with this require me being able to correct for geometry errors. Having the ground glass for framing the whole shot is awesome. But just for shift it doesn't do it for me.

      And just walking around a couple touristy spots lately, I've seen a good number of NEX and little Oly or Panasonic. I think Sony is moving some pieces.
    1. frigidlight's Avatar
      I would agree. I've seen at least ten wielded by moms this week.
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