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    Here's my list of things that need to be done with vB 4.0:
    • move the blog to /blog DONE!
    • move the forum to root DONE!
    • redirect /forum to root DONE!
    • finish tweaking the style Work in progress...
    • "remember me" issues coming with 4.0.1?
    • bold thread titles in search DONE!
    • report and forward icons dropped below box coming with 4.0.1?
    • "quick navigation" not so quick... coming with 4.0.1?
    • all posts created by user DONE!
    • read -vs- unread icons need more difference DONE!
    • posts to wrap

    Yep, we bit the bullet and jumped on vb 4.0.0 this week. It's not going to be pretty around here as we get a crash course in styling it (the admin section for styles is MUCH worse than the already bad 3.x.x). So bear with us. We'll also be moving this page you're on now to NSOP and the forum back to /forum replacing the WP blog with vb's new CMS. That will also take a bit of time. So hang in there and add comments with any issues you find. Screencaps are always appreciated! ...

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