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    Welcome, if you're reading this and are not sure what a Neutral Density (ND) Filter is or a Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filter is, read on, hopefully I'm going to answer all or most of your questions about this topic. Since I have joined here there seems to be a lot of speculation and questions about, or people that are just unaware of a great tool in your bag. There seems to be a lot of threads about them, but not one place where everything, or at least the basics are. In this FAQ, I will use ...

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    Exposing to the right

    First off we need to learn about the camera’s histogram and what it represents. “The Histogram is a tonal representation of the dynamic range within an image”, at least that is what Wikipedia says. In simpler terms it is a graphic representation of the image you took. The histogram shows all of the data within the photo.When looking at your histogram, keep in mind the left side represents the shadows (Blacks/darks) and the right side represents the highlights ...

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    Dreamt this up after using this a simple tool belt system I picked up at Home Depot. This is intended for the second camera I often use on shoots - typically a camera with a small prime lens on it to complement the full zoom-flash setup I usually use for event work.

    I've modified things a bit by removing the bungie-cord-based attachments since when I tested it out it seemed pretty likely the camera would bungie out of the socket and on to the floor. Instead I pop the ...

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    Congrats to our winners for Shot of the year. John won first, Dave second and Dragicon in third, here are the winning shots:



    please leave any comments in the thread. Great work everyone! ...

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    Congratulations to our December winners. Seems all the voters were in a landscape mood!

    tied for third with 5 votes each:

    go to the thread if you'd like to leave a comment. ...

    This problem has been plaguing me for years, and it finally dawned on me the other day how to fix these pretty easily. The issue is that when you're working under fluorescent lighting fixtures using iron ballasts, shooting about a certain shutterspeed (around 1/120th) can result in seeing a color and exposure shift in the image since the shutter is opening/closing midway through the fluorescent lamps cycle. Typically what happens is that after you WB the image you're either left with a cyan or magenta shift part way through the image. My solution to this is to use Lightroom's graduated filter tool to put in a cyan filter.

    For the image below, what I did was drag a filter about halfway through the image (starting from the bottom, dragging to the top) click on the "color" section and then dialing in H:160 degrees, S:15%. From there I increased the exposure by .31. Looks much better, I think.

    add your comments in the thread here.

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    Congrats to our shot of the month winners for November!
    tied for first:

    tied for third:

    go here if you'd like to leave any comments! ...

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