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    I'm really curious about this. I can totally see how they can use data to generate these predictions, but what I'm curious about is how they calculate the "value" of a sunset. What factors to them indicate a good sunset over a bad one?

    Their case study is pretty interesting though: http://www.sunsetwx.com/casestudy.pdf

    It looks to be optimizing for total color visibility and the best for photographers might be ...

    • The phase 1 XF is really cool but a massive beast...
    • nissin has a very nice "big boy" flash now that does HSS with sony wirelessly. Rumor has it they're cooking up a receiver for the i40 so it can play nice as well. The big boy flash holds it's 4 AAs in a cartridge with the door to the flash so you can preload them for quick changes (like my neewer v850s) but with AA tech. They did however say it prefers traditional batteries -vs- eneloops...
    • I found an AMAZING gimbal lock AND lenscap

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    Since everyone is just clamoring for an update on this, well, here it be.

    The good:
    1) Low ISO image quality is outstanding. If you are taking pictures of things that aren't just bright areas and dark areas, this is the best camera I've ever used. Really. Sharp and solid all the way across the field of view with great contrast. I pretty much always bump the contrast on shots at least a little bit but with this I left it alone.
    2) Does not transmit ebola ...

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    They say that a huge chunk of being a professional photographer is marketing yourself...Clint Davis nails it.


    Just awesome. Particularly the hand painted 70-200L bullet casings. I'll be really curious to hear about the feedback and/or customers he gains from this. Davis already has clients like Mercedes Benz, but you don't have to have that kind of clientele to market yourself like this. Perfect ...

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    Back in December I backed a Kickstarter project for what looked like a pretty cool piece of timelapse tech: the Michron. Billed as a dead-simple intervalometer that worked with any camera and was configured through a smartphone, this little brick looked like it would seriously improve my timelapse workflow. I had been using the software intervalometer that is built in on Nikon cameras, but it was infuriating to configure and use. The Michron also promised to allow bulb ramping on ...

    Some pretty mindblowing stuff here:


    There's also a really interesting section on the amount of artistic interpretation allowed with each of the two major agencies. Getty does most of the "artistic" stuff like the composites, the tilt shift photos of the venues, and other more interpretive photos.

    I'd love a chance to hang out or even shoot at ...

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    Who saw THAT coming?

    From BorrowLenses site ...

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