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    rumor has it sigma is cooking up a 24-70 f/2 constant aperture zoom for FF bodies. This could be amazing. I sold my 24-70 to fund my XE1 kit, but I might consider grabbing one of these depending on the size/specs. I really hope they include OS and it costs <$1500... the 18-35mm f/1.8 that's crop only does NOT include OS, but it's $800 so that could actually make <$1500 with OS and covering FF possible... ...

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    Canon announced today the newest in its line of Crop sensor cameras.
    The camera spouts Canons Latest Focus feature with it newly developed Dual Pixe CMOS AF. This new technology of auto focus uses phase detection enabling people t shoot video at higher quality rates.

    The 70D also features wireless connectivity, and can be accessed through the EOS Remote App, available via Itunes and Google Play.

    The new camera is slated to be on sale in September, ...


    It truly is a cat and mouse game between software developers and software pirates. Itís been that way for years. So when a company like Adobe decides to change up their entire business model to subscription-based to curb the piracy of their professional-grade product suite, you would expect it to take a fair amount of time before the pirates managed to find a workaround.

    I have tried many apps as light meters and while they kind of work, they arent always that great.

    Ive been watching the LUMU kickstarter project for a a while and this one has me excited.

    FroKnowsPhoto posted up a nice little blurb about it today, and thought maybe itw as time i share what i have been watching progress! I really like that i can wear it around my kneck and it doesnt look tacky.

    Lumu Kicks Starter website


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    Get it while its hot!
    With lightroom having been in open beta for a few months now, i know a lot of us are itching for the upgrade.

    Whats your favorite new feature?


    A ship launch gone awry is taking the internet by storm as footage of the enormous vessel plunging into the harbour shows dangerous debris flying right at the camera.
    Posted on You Tube by Jason Bundoff, the impressive video shows the ship tumbling sideways into the water breaking off its sliders and creating a titanic-sized wave that engulfs the camera.
    According to a Reddit user claiming to be Mr Bundoff's friend, the photographer shot the video while an intern at the shipyard and ...

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    Congrats to Ron and Mark for tying for the win for SotM! A big thanks to MPIX for sponsoring this! ...

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