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04-13-2008, 10:20 AM
I bought this because I had been noticing that the DOF I thought I saw in the VF was pretty different than what was captured, and read this would help.
This is a "Fine Matte" Screen as apposed to the regular 40D screen which has microlenses to re-direct light from the diffuse surface and focus it upwards into the prism.
It is recommended for use only on lenses 2.8 and faster because of the "loss" of light collection from the lenses. However, since you use it on higher lower F# lenses, the light transmitting through should be similar since the lenses actully hinder off axis light. But no worse than on the fine matte, so its tie, up to F2.8.
Got it earlier in the week, and for outdoor shots its Awesome.
Well this was all fine and dandy till last night at the wedding we were shooting, I found its downfall
I was using my 10-22 and they turned the lights down, and was trying to do some drag shutter effects, and I could not see anything..
It was so dark I barely could see who I was shooting and how it was framed.
Overall, I think itll be a great help in checking DOF and verifying critical focus with my big lenses, and such - but when it gets dark, Ill need those microlenses to help me get light into my finder..